More than just tech: Web courses expanding to other fields

It seems that online courses are slowly branching out of tech and starting to expand to other fields. This week’s announcements include:


The law school of Washington University announced Tuesday that it would offer, entirely online, a master’s degree in United States law intended for lawyers practicing overseas, in partnership with 2tor, an education technology company.

A New York Times piece offers more about this effort.

And music:

Starting in the 2012-2013 school year, The Juilliard School and Connections Education are launching JUILLIARD eLEARNING, for K-12 students and educators everywhere. Juilliard eLearning is the world-famous conservatory’s first-ever group of online courses, presenting an exciting new option for teaching music and related courses, with distribution and implementation by leading provider of online learning solutions, Connections Education, part of the global education company, Pearson.

Head on over to Market Watch to read the entire press release.