Dropouts from the University of Pennsylvania get $6 million for Lore

21 year-old Dan Getelman hated the learning management system he was forced to use as a student at the University of Pennsylvania. So he did what every other kid in his position would do, he dropped out of college and, along with a couple of his friends, created something better: Lore.

“Lore has so far raised more than $6 million in financing and hired nine employees with an average age of 23. Investors include well-known backers such as Silicon Valley’s Peter Thiel, who uses Lore in the class he teaches at Stanford University on how to start a tech company.”

Head on over to The Wall Street Journal to read an interview with Getelman to find out more about the company’s growth, plans for hiring and why he thinks their service will change the world.

I wish I were this brave when I was in my early twenties.