Digital learning boosts achievement

“It’s true that investments to put 10 million computers in American schools did little to move the achievement needle in aggregate but that’s because it was layered on top of the existing batch-print model of schooling. The same can be said for doubling staffing ratios over the last thrity years.

The potential of personalized learning technology—as evidenced in the military, gaming, corporate training, and informal learning—suggest the potential going forward is much greater that what we’ve seen to date. When technology is used to extend, personalize and transform learning, it makes a world of difference.”

An article on the Getting Smart Blog provides summaries of a few dozen studies that demonstrate the promise of digital learning. The studies catalogued in the piece are classified based on their primary findings, namely:

  1. Blended schools achieve high performance
  2. Hundreds of studies of online and blended learning show efficacy
  3. Technology-enable math products have boosted achievement
  4. Digital learning offers the only path to boosting achievement in this “decade of deficits”

This will sure come in handy when I’m writing my next proposal aimed to sell digital learning.