The rise of the SuperProfessor

Earlier this month, I stumbled upon a blog post that echoes my thoughts on where online courses seem to be heading.

“But college courses can be much more than an expert talking in the front of a room. If the same college courses were handed them off to television producers, game designers, or mobile app developers, we’d see radically different approaches to making the material fun, interesting and engaging. Look for this approach in the next generation of online programming.

People most effective at producing courseware in the future will have complete production studios staffed with video crews, interactive experts, gamification mavens, courseware experience specialists, usability teams, outcome testers, and much more. Leading the operation will be a celebrity SuperProfessor who name extends far beyond traditional classrooms to the hearts and minds of nearly everyone on the planet.”

This little gem was almost lost amidst all the noise in my links list.