Video lectures are effective teaching tools

In yesterday’s article, I argued that education technology is much more than just content delivery. Today, I point you to an article which finds that online lectures are an effective means of delivering content.

Describing a small study involving students taking an online course, Debbie Morrison writes on her Online Learning Insights blog that 100% of the students indicated some level of agreement with the statement: “The instructor-made videos helped me understand the material better.”

I leave you with a summarising quote from her article, and encourage you read the complete piece for more insights from the study.

“… not to be ignored is the value the video has when the course instructor is featured and ‘speaks’ to the student. It is a visual image which makes the instructor a real person—a person that the student is able to make a connection with. Research does support the effectiveness of the video in creating a sense of presence, which further supports social and cognitive presence which are critical components to a successful learning experience.”